A step-by-step guide to building your social business

  • The ZHAW / Lardi Social Media Strategy Framework

    The framework provides a structured approach that will help executives think through their social media and collaboration needs based on the company’s business goals or challenges. The step-by-step approach is designed to be incorporated into a company’s strategic planning process and to assist executives in identifying specific areas within the company that could benefit most from social media. As with a typical strategy, this approach includes a one-time planning effort, with periodic reviews taking into consideration the dynamic nature of social media. It also takes into account a company’s specific market, industry, culture and ability to support new technology.

  • The Framework is distinguished by several elements:

    • It focuses on building a sustainable use for social media along the business value chain
    • It aligns with company strategic objectives and business context
    • It identifies key elements to create a strong foundation for social media use in the company
    • It separates internal and external social media uses
    • It is NOT a technology implementation