Case Studies

See how other companies’ successful social business initiatives are aligned with their overall business objectives.

  • Excellent customer service in social networks at Eurail is an e-commerce company that sells Eurail and InterRail train passes and provides related services to customers. This private company, located in the Netherlands, is owned by 32 European railway companies and shipping lines. The fulfilment centres, where the rail passes are actually printed and distributed, operate from the U.S.A. and Ireland. The order support call centres are located in the U.S.A. and the Netherlands (EURAIL, n. d.).

    In 2010, won the Mashable Award for Best Social Media Customer Service for its outstanding customer interactions on Facebook and Twitter. Six years ago, the company started exploring the possibilities of providing customers service over so- cial media channels. Since then, the service team as well as the manage- ment of have recognised the great value of providing personal advice and fast service in social media channels. As a result, customer sat- isfaction and sales by Facebook fan referrals have continuously risen (CHAN- TAL SUKEL, personal interview, 21ST  MARCH, 2013).

    Today, customer interaction over social media channels is a crucial part of providing excellent customer service. The social media customer service team consists of 15 people, seven of whom are located in different places around the world. This allows to provide services in six different languages and to ensure a response rate of less than 8 hours.

    The requests fielded by social media are handled only by the most experienced agents who have completed extensive complaints training. The selected agents need to possess an excellent track record and consider- able personal experience in travelling by train in Europe. This ensures that all responses are as detailed and personalised as possible. The service team is rather young, and the management realised the importance of social me- dia for its business; the understanding for social media in general and cus- tomer support on social networks in particular is very high.

    The success of in providing excellent service on social media is based on several key points:

    • The channels reflect the personalities of the cus- tomer support agents, who are trusted to provide feedback and responses on their own. The em- ployees received in-depth training to ensure they are prepared to operate social media channels.
    • Only the ‘best-of-the-best’ customer support agents are allowed to respond on social media. Access to the Facebook customer support is seen as prestigious and is awarded to the agents who perform well.
    • Responses on social media channels are provided in a range of languages to support the interna- tional customer base.
    • Customer responses are provided within 8 hours, and responses are personalized and detailed with information that the customers need.

    EURAIL.COM (n. d.). Eurail: About us. Retrieved March 28, 2013, from

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