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The Social Media Strategy book describes an effective and easy to follow approach to implementing social media for business, based on a framework that is aligned to the company’s strategic objectives. The book walks readers through the steps required to identify where and how to utilise social media that will be most effective for its specific needs, based on the industry, size, organisation culture and competitive landscape. The approach takes into account the company’s target audiences for social media, whether it is customers, employees or any other stakeholders. The book aims to assist companies in developing sustainable business solutions that will gain continuous returns from social media.

  • Reaping the full benefits of social media for business requires an integrated approach

    The Social Media Strategy Framework presented in the book will provide a sound basis for developing and implementing social media for internal and external business use. It focuses on generating sustainable solutions for social media along the entire business value chain.

  • Focusing on tools instead of business goals is tantamount to putting the cart before the horse

    The book, rather than describing technological platforms, has a clear focus on generating solutions for social media that are aligned to a company’s business objectives.

  • Successful social media initiatives support business goals

    The book describes the steps necessary to come up with social media solutions which contribute to achieving a company’s strategic business goals and will produce measurable returns.

  • What experts say about the book and the framework

    “Social media enables a means for partnership between organisations and their customers, leading to continuous engagement and deeper loyalty. The framework guides companies in creating a strong foundation for this partnership.”
    Jan Biller, Business Owner Online Support, Swisscom

    “A strategic approach to understanding social media and its use for business helps manage brand reputation risks.”
    Ferdinand Kobelt, Partner, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

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