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    This book helps you to successfulIy identify and develop social media initiatives based on your business context and your corporate strategy.


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  • Learn from successful European company examples

    Case studies of well-known European companies highlight successful social media uses in business.

    Learn how the key findings of each company can contribute to the success of your own particular social media effort.

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  • Step-by-step guide to your social media initiatives

    The Social Media Strategy framework offers a unique, comprehensive, end-to-end approach. It takes you from the point of understanding the value of social media for your business, to the point of implementing a solution that meets your business needs.
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  • What the Social Media Strategy book offers you

    • Unique and comprehensive end-to-end approach

      The book introduces an integrated social media framework describing all possibilities of social media in a business and enterprise context. It focuses on ensuring sustainable use for social media along the business value chain.

    • Step-by-step guide to develop and implement social media

      The step-by-step guide takes a company from the point of understanding the value of social media for business to the point of implementing a solution aligned with the company's strategic objectives and business context.

    • Best practice examples of European companies

      The case studies provide insights into how companies have successfully implemented social business initiatives in alignment with their overall business objectives. They will help and encourage readers to find creative solutions for their own social media challenges.

  • Social Media Strategy in a nutshell

  • Praise for the Social Media Strategy book

    • Testimonial Kane Sarah

      “The Social Media Strategy framework provides a logical, step-by-step approach to developing social media solutions for sustainable benefits.”

      Sarah Kane
      Partner, Deloitte
    • Testimonial Isenschmid Christoph

      “The opportunities a social collaboration platform provides and the mind set it requires fits perfectly with our Swiss Re culture, our global business needs and employee expectations. It has fundamentally changed the way we look at sharing news and information internally and has helped us tremendously to embrace the external social media challenge bravely and assertively.”

      Christoph Isenschmid
      Head e-Communications Channels, Swiss Re
    • Testimonial Biller Jan

      “Social media enables a means for partnership between organisations and their customers, leading to continuous engagement and deeper loyalty. The framework guides companies in creating a strong foundation for this partnership.”

      Jan Biller
      Business Owner Online Support, Swisscom
    • Testimonial Kobelt Ferdinand

      “A strategic approach to understanding social media and its use for business helps manage brand reputation risks.”

      Ferdinand Kobelt
      Partner, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
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